take out before take off

delta vouches for dinner and then some

© Dave Weinberg

Kudos to Delta Airlines for taking ownership of an unavoidable, but extended service delay. The ground team took proactive ownership of the situation and did at least three things right:

    1. Provided frequent status communications regarding delay along with drinks and snacks
    2. Provided airport meal vouchers and future flight coupons to affected customers
    3. Demonstrated a really good attitude that helped keep frustrations to a minimum

Somewhere in the hierarchy of Delta the ground team was empowered to make some decisions based on the circumstances and turned the lemon into lemonade (or in my case, malbec and a really excellent burger…)

why did the rooster leave the building?

flew the coop to help inner chicken cross the road

© Dave Weinberg

I would like to thank visionary restauranteur and Maine-based business owner, Don Buteau for encouraging ‘Close to Perfect… Far from Ordinary’ thinking and DOing for the start-up, Rooster’s Coal Fired Pizza & Tap House, the first commercial coal-fired pizza restaurant in Maine to offer the ORIGINAL authentic NY Style Pizza (sorry, Ray’s… but coal fired is where it all started…)

Rooster’s was also a project that this Creative Director had no choice but to sink his teeth into:
Develop the branding and visual identity for a brand new concept restaurant in less than 10 weeks!!

Bring it on!!!

Rooster’s launched in early October up in Augusta, ME (right by the civic center). Stop in for fabulous, inventive pizzas, salads, sandwiches, entrées, signature beers, fun, friendly service and coming soon: COOP cakes!

As for this Rooster, he’s off to cross a road to some new close to perfect, far from ordinary adventures.