2 Replies to “the makings of a real hero”

  1. Wait!?! Incongruities appear. You show the outside signage of the ORIGINAL Manganaro’s yet your CUP is from the next door interloper ‘Hero Boy’. I can tell by the rubber gloves on the food preparer you did not go to the original. I beg of you to return to NYC and head about 40′ south to the REAL Manganaro’s. Tell Seline I say ‘hi’. ciao, k

  2. Fair enough – yes, I know there is a bit of history about that division. The chicken Parm Heros were a HUGE staple for me when I lived in nyc – something about the texture of the mozzarella (and always with a bit of extra sauce…) I promise to check-out the original next time (I always DID like their sign better…. 😉 and I’ll give Seline your rgds.

    where you exiled @?

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