What do you get when you combine the ubiquity of mobile photography, a plethora of mobile image creation/editing apps and the relentless practice of capturing life’s arcane moments in a sketchbook?

cellphoneSketchpad began as an irregular series of 1st gen motorola razr captures (640 x 480 at less than 1MP) early postings on the walls of the early days of Facebook. I was slowly coming to realize that carrying this slim little flip phone (aka dumb phone) in my side pocket all the time was not unlike carrying my bic pen in my front pocket along with a little black sketchbook or notebook in my back pocket – another tool – for capturing those unexpected moments… observations… vignettes – in real time. For me there is a raw energy and looseness to a sketch that can sometimes get lost in a ‘finished’ piece.

Either way, the sketching process – not-unlike practicing for a performance, is a view – sometimes an intimate and vulnerable one – into the creative process. Sketches don’t always work. Sometimes they are a total #fail!

This blog is for the room and permission to play, experiment, succeed and fail – with image, with words, with jokes or puns that might not work (sometimes intentionally don’t work!), an open (cyber) studio, a digital pen on a virtual cocktail napkin.

Got a cool cellphoneSketch? Upload here.

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