cSp special edition:
it’s all in the cards

ON SALE NOW: cellphoneSketchpad and xBklynyte cards
at Waynflete Hands to Art Fair
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Come check out the second half of Waynflete’s annual Artisan Fair. Hands to Art features dozens of eclectic local artisans – great unique gifts for the holidays (including cellphoneSketchpad and xBklynyte note cards 🙂

the value of design

at Maine College of Art through Nov. 26

What makes a design good? What is the thinking behind good design? Can good design help advance the goals of business? Come find out at the AIGA Maine Annual Exhibit now on display at Maine College of Art.

AIGA Maine + MaineBiz present ‘Good Design is Good Business‘, curated by Mark Smith, Exhibition Director, AIGA Maine and partner at curvwork in Portland, Maine.

The exhibit explores design, beyond and beneath the finished ‘artifact’ seen by the public. It gets under the hood of real-world business challenges, showcasing BEFORE and AFTER projects and projects that explore innovative process and problem solving.

Come see the design thinking behind the design and see for yourself how Good Design is Good Business, now on display at Maine College of Art, through November 26, 2010.

Environmental Graphics, courtesy of Portland Color.

© 2010 Dave Weinberg

heiferlump IRL

what makes this camel pass the Heifer International
'7 Ms of livestock' test?
Click thumbnails to view slide show. Hover/click on each slide to advance. Can’t see the thumbnails? You can thank Microsoft IE for that. Optional viewing on Picasa.

An inspired trip with Durham Maine Friends to Heifer International Learning Center at Overlook Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts.

A global organization dedicated to ending world hunger.

The 7 M’s of livestock?

© 2010 Dave Weinberg

a rooster’s welcoming

official grand opening, Rooster's Coal Fired Pizza & Tap House, Augusta, Maine
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Now open in Augusta, Maine. Coming soon to Key West: http://roosters.com

More on the branding and identity of Rooster’s.

Start liking it on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RoostersPizza

“…and if elected tomorrow…”

final regurghetoric
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

…and some (perhaps most) of it is the same old blaaaaaaaaaaah that’s got nothing to do with you or me but rather maintains the status quo partisan politics at the tax payers expense. Just the same, it’s all we’ve got right now – and who knows? There may be some useful bits or chunks or SEEDS in there worthy of your vote. Listen. Read. Sift. Vote (even if you have to hold your nose)!