heiferlump IRL

what makes this camel pass the Heifer International
'7 Ms of livestock' test?
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An inspired trip with Durham Maine Friends to Heifer International Learning Center at Overlook Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts.

A global organization dedicated to ending world hunger.

The 7 M’s of livestock?

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a weekend to celebrate and remember, bud

mentor and friend, bud clarke
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Bud hired me as a recent grad of School of Visual Arts in the late 80s. A gracious, creative and endearing soul he gave me my running start in the business of design and creative services. Bud hosted an annual Men’s Weekend every summer in upstate NY for as long as I’ve known him. Last year, a month after the weekend, Bud died in cycling accident after colliding with, it was believed, a deer. This year’s Men’s Weekend will be the celebration of a dear mentor, husband, father, business owner, activist, warrior and artist.

Peace, my friend.

good question(s)

week in review
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Lots of miners died – so did the Polish President and his wife; Tiger is back out on the green but people seem more interested about what happened off the green; Priests continue to be accused of what Priests get accused of; Apple’s stock is approx 150 pts higher than it was around this time last year; Some schools are paying kids to learn; and on and on…

So what does this tell you about yourself?

For me, Sunday is a reminder to pause and ask, not just “what happened?” – aka news events (filtered through media orgs) typically viewed at face value – but “what is happening?” – to me, right here, right now… How we respond and feel about news events and stories are more about us. Any story can be viewed for ‘what it is’ but do they also trigger metaphorical questions if we take the time to make these connections?

Lots of ways people do to this: houses of worship, outdoor activities, the 50 minute hour, yoga, Sunday morning news shows (although this arguably abdicates the reflection out on to the pundits) – a walk in the woods (with or without the dog), making art, being present with your kids…

So what did actually happen and what is happening?

  • What in my life has died?
  • Can I go back to something I once did despite how others may react to it? Or is it time to move on to something else?
  • What is behind the core patterns and behaviors that seem to reoccur in my life?
  • What was I doing a year ago that can be considered successful one year later?
  • What is my true compensation for learning? Is it money or something else?

News can trigger all sorts of questions if we take a moment to stop and really ask, “What Happened and What’s Happening”?


free delivery in greater portland - 21 copies left
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Seth Godin’s latest book, Linchpin – reads like a manifesto/owner’s manual on how to stand-out during uncertain times – with a narrative that at times channels classic Kurt Vonnegut (there are even little pen & ink drawings in it, circa Breakfast of Champions…) but with a much more hopeful outcome (based on choices YOU actually get to make with your life).

Godin challenges us to believe in the possibilities, accept what is and to persevere through the all too human inner resistances that keeps us mired in self-doubt, an outdated world view and (old all too) familiar mindsets.

anyways here’s the deal:
Linchpin lists for $25. I paid $15 each and will gladly pass that savings on to anyone who is interested (you know, while supplies last… void where prohibited… and all that marketing blah blah…). Email me at: cellphoneSketchpad@gmail.com if you’d like a copy (free delivery to RiRa Tweetup attendees this Wednesday 😉 you can also get a copy for about the same price directly from Amazon.

endearingly in deering

spirits of barking squirrel(s) descending
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very few things in life eclipse a mid-evening snowshoe jaunt thru meteorologist’s UNDER-predicted fallen snow. (aka *LOVE* when Lou McNally says 2-4″ and it just keeps on fluffin’ up to just under 10″…)

The evening hike thru Deering Oaks Park in Portland (originally drafted by William A. Goodwin and later adapted byFrederick Law Olmstead‘s firm – a seeming mini-prototype of Central Park in NYC) was truly magical – even my inner parking genie (super power) totally delivered – despite the area being prime for parking ban overflow.

I am told that the well preserved period building in this image used to house a restaurant called the barking squirrel.