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have cake (with view) and eat it too <br> click image to see who created it
have cake (with view) and eat it too
click image to see who created it
© 2009 Dave Weinberg

Cindy and Peter’s wedding was at the 9th wonder of the world – Chart House in Weehawken, NJ – spectacular views of nyc from the GW bridge right down past the southern tip and on to the Verrazano. One of those rare crystal clear evenings with a balmy bonus deck breeze for mid November. The whimsical and delicious stacked gift boxed cake (the gift inside was red velvet with mouth watering white frosting) was the creation of the Cake Boss out of Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, NJ. Now accepting specialty orders for February, 2010. That place could charge admission just to lick the bowls!

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erectile dysfunction info graphic<br srcset=ha ha… NOT!” width=”480″ height=”360″ />
erectile dysfunction info graphic
ha ha... NOT!
© 2009 Dave Weinberg

See? (…and politicians please take note): This is what happens when something is taken out of context. Arguable if it stems from a filthy mind or one that simply seeks to help a pharmaceutical company convey complex biological information to the illiterate (…or extremely bored) 😛

You can see the full context of this graphic at the gas pump at the 7-Eleven on Congress Street, Portland, Maine. Or post a comment here or on the Facebook fan page and I’ll send you a ‘sketch’ ;). Thanks for stopping by.


Hardcore Hooping (Click image for more details)
Hardcore Hooping (Click image for more details)
© 2009 Dave Weinberg

Today Deering Oaks Farmer’s Market was more than just about Brussels Sprouts. During my visit this morning in a drizzle that slowly became a steady rain, I suddenly heard my name and turned to find two actors from Portland Playback Theatre Company spinning some funky colored hoola-hoops. Not a performance per se – rather giving the hoops a test spin and getting a workout at the same time.

The hoops – sprawled out on display like its own kind of unique foliage – were crafted in Portland Maine by Designer and Funmaster, Tracy Tingley of Hardcore Hooping. Tracy also leads hooping fitness classes with a pledge to help rid yourself of ‘hoop shame’. Sure enough upon donning a hoop she had me spinning almost effortlessly until my original calling for cocktail tomatoes distracted me back to my original quest.

Tracy is the subject of a forthcoming project from salt. The clearing of hoop shame turns out to be much cheaper than psycho-therapy.