how to end malaria now

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End Malaria was curated by Michael Bungay Stanier and brought to you by The Domino Project*, powered by Amazon. 100% of the Kindle edition goes directly to Malaria No More, an international advocacy group working to end malaria deaths by 2015.

Key Malaria facts (via Malaria No More web site):

  • Every year, 781,000 people die of malaria
  • Every 45 seconds, a child dies of malaria
  • Malaria is preventable and treatable
  • The most deadly malaria is plasmodium falciparum
  • Children under 5 account for 85% of malaria deaths
  • Malaria is caused by a female mosquito that bites at night
  • Almost 2000 people die in Africa daily from malaria
  • In Africa, 40% of health resources are used to treat malaria
  • Malaria costs Africa $12 billion annually
  • Added free prize inside:
    More than 50 thought leaders share their creative and diverse perspectives on Focus, Courage and Resilience.

    End Malaria Day is TODAY. TODAY you have the opportunity to make a real difference. Create a mosquito net effect. If you are not able to buy this book (kindle edition only $20) – share/retweet this 20 people.

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    * note: a mosquito was harmed during the making of this cellphoneSketch