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the innovation convocation at usm

Students, faculty, staff and community gathered in a professionally facilitated conferencing forum called ‘Open Space Technology’.

Participants initiated discussions around relevant topics of their own choosing, self-organizing in multiple mini-town hall-like forums, capturing key objectives, strategies and benefits.

Deeply satisfying to partake in such an inclusive process that welcomes diversity and an open exchange of ideas. More information at http://usm.maine.edu/pres/convocations/

bill grogan revisited

the kid stays in the picture
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

a one. a two. a one two three:
There was a man
(There was a man)
Now please take note
(Now please take note)
There was a man
(There was a man)
Who had a goat
(Who had a goat)

He loved that goat
(He loved that goat)
Indeed he did
(Indeed he did)
He loved that goat
(He loved that goat)
Just like a kid
(Just like a kid)

One day that goat
(One day that goat)
Felt frisk and fine
(Felt frisk and fine)
Ate three red shirts
(Ate three red shirts)
Right off the line
(Right off the line)

The man, he grabbed
(The man, he grabbed)
Him by the back
(Him by the back)
And tied him to
(And tied him to)
A railroad track
(A railroad track)

Now, when that train
(Now, when that train)
Hove into sight
(Hove into sight)
That goat grew pale
(That goat grew pale)
And green with fright
(And green with fright)

He heaved a sigh
(He heaved a sigh)
As if in pain
(As if in pain)
Coughed up those shirts
(Coughed up those shirts)
And flagged the train!
(And flagged the train!)

Written By: Unknown
. © Copyright Unknown

cSp special edition: Rippleffect Gala
THIS Thursday

some tickets still available for gala this Thursday, 02.04.10
Ocean Gateway on Casco Bay - Portland, Maine
a benefit supporting leadership and development programs
for Maine kids
© 2010 Dave Weinberg – invitation graphics, Kevin Fahrman

Sharing an email received this morning from Aaron Frederick, former Executive Director of Rippleffect:

Greetings All,

Rippleffect is trying a new angle this year, changing it’s traditional November Velvet event to a mid-Winter gala, to be hosted at the Ocean Gateway on Portland’s Waterfront, Feb. 4th, 2010 from 6:30-10:30.

Emilia and I wish we could be there, supporting the important work that Rippleffect’s guides are doing through our many programs.  Here in India, we’re witnessing the struggle of a developing country to find it’s identity, support the health and well being of its populous, and avoid re-creating the environmental pitfall that the US consumption habit has created across the globe.

As we move into a complex future, it is vital that we support programs that help youth become solution-oriented, motivated, creative problem solvers, for it will be many of these youth who mantle the responsibility to make a positive change.  

Rippleffect’s summer adventures and year-round school outreach programs are constantly evolving to help Maine youth connect to their natural environment, identify their inner strength and resiliency, and recognize their part in building a community that can support the greatest good for society and for the planet.  

Find info about time and tickets below. Also, be sure to spread the word and get the youth in your world registered for a Ripple adventure on Cow Island this summer.

Sending our best from Tamil Nadu,
Aaron & Emilia

Support Maine youth adventure programming, purchase Tickets for the Rippleffect Gala today!

February 4, 2010
6:30pm – 10:30pm
Ocean Gateway on Casco Bay
Live Auction at 8:00pm
Dancing with Esperanza
Support leadership and development programs for Maine kids. Purchase Tickets $75 per person