#cSp special edition:
documenting thiery (corp.)

the audience behind the audience, thievery corporation
portland pier, portland, maine
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Sketches of the pre-show (with thanks to @therichbrooks for upper balcony views…) with digital vignettes of anything except what was happening on stage. Click thumbnails below to view slideshow.

pecha kucha, night – TOnite

cellphoneSketchpad presents '365 sketches later...'
at pecha kucha tonite - rines auditorium, portland public library
5 monument square

It’s like speed dating for Creativity. Join us tonite for an eclectic 20 slides x 20 seconds view of local creative talent:

Arthur Fink · Jordan’s Meats Building

Rich Caro · Quiltmaker

Peter Turner · Innovative Use Of Objects

Dana Trattner
· Paintings And Vision
Jon Calame · The Roma Of Rome

Dave Weinberg · cellphoneSketchpad – 365 sketches later…

Maggi Blue · Gelatin + Glass

Derek Taylor · Chair Tennis

Lynn Shaffer · China & The Shanghai Expo

Barbara Hart · Living Aboard

365 cellphoneSketches later…

NEW! cellphoneSketchpad NOTE CARDS

(…and MrGnombe Illustrated note cards)

© 2010 Dave Weinberg

cellphoneSketchpad cards are here!

…well actually they’re over at Zazzle thru the mrGnombe Gnotecard Co. At Zazzle you can mix and match different cards to create you’re own specialized sets. Discounts begin at only 10 cards!

cellphoneSketchpad.com launched June 28, 2009. Thank you to all who have clicked, tapped, commented and/or contributed to this blog over the past year. Your ideas and encouragement have been generous, inspiring and most appreciated!

It’s been a fun year ‘sketching’ and pushing the low-res limits of the Motorola Razr. And while I will probably break down and upgrade to an iPhone at some point this year I continue to be impressed with what that teeny tiny less-than-one-megapixel relic has been putting out.

Hope you enjoy this next venture and chapter of cellphoneSketchpad. I look forward to future collaborations and further exploring as a community-based platform for sharing art, ideas and creativity.

Thanks again for all the support!

cheers and Happy Monday!

ps A selection of cellphoneSketchpad cards are also available at Paper Moon on Main Street in Westbrook. New locations coming soon!

now open

the rockettes of semiotics

I-295 northbound construction's dress rehearsal
click image for more sketches
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Drove passed these highway construction signs on my way to a client meeting and it immediately made me think of theatre – like backstage before opening night at Radio City with road signs starring as actors and production crew, scenery, props and of course, choreography.

This particular ‘show’ will be going on for approx 6 months starting in May – northbound I-295 between Portland and Freeport, Maine. Mostly evening performances with some matinees. No intermission.

More sketches from the final dress rehearsal viewable on the cellphoneSketchpad Facebook fan page.

and the ing’enue of the the arts, beckoned

a call to kaleidoscopic community
skirting the issues
renaissance flamenco nouveau fashionista
building(s). arts. activism.
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Above sketches from the annual League of Young Voters ReEmergence event at SPACE Gallery last nite in Portland, Maine. More about this event, a local mashup of artists, musicians, poets, civic leadership and services providers can be found here in the Portland Phoenix. I knew cellphoneSketchpad was in the right place when the event kicked-off with Medeski, Martin, Wood and Scofield’s Little Walter Rides Again (ring tone on my cellphone).

SMBME: have your fish and tweet it too!

"... hey the next SMBME looks like a good one... brand building... creating video content... but what is a 'cellphoneSketchpad'??";
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Social media has taken the old Chinese Proverb viral. Anyone can learn to fish out here. All you need are the right tools, the right teachers and the right attitude – including the willingness to #fail (which many times, IS the right teacher). Practice. Patience. Perseverance. We are often one google-click away from the answer we need – tho sometimes it’s more about baiting the hook with the right query.

SMBME brings together a talented and eclectic mix of local fishermen and women who continually cast into the global cyber-seas of the social net. While no ‘one’ recipe will be right for everyone, SMBME offers a smorgasbord of ingredients – tools, ideas, perspectives, techniques, resources – that may be useful to do the work (and/or play) that you do.

I look forward to sharing some of my own creative practices developing cellphoneSketchpad at the next SMBME on Friday, April 23. Also thrilled to be sharing the session with Jaica Kinsman of Guiding Stars and Chris Cavallari of Filmosity Productions. Jaica will present Brand-Building through Community-Centered Content. Chris will share best practices for Creating Video Content for Your Business.

Hope to see you Friday, April 23 at SMBME. (as always, breakfast provided).

donate local

before chilachiles on pre-auction display at Coffee By Design
India Street, Portland, Maine
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

cellphoneSketchpad is pixelatedly proud to be among the many talented and local artists who’ve donated pieces to the Happy Trails Big Bash and Silent Auction, Friday, April 30th, 2010 at The Portland Club. Proceeds from auction to benefit Portland Trails.

Freeport Square ‘Garden Party Show’

tomorrow's wishes
© 2010 Dave Weinberg
love set in stone
© 2010 Dave Weinberg + Acadia D.
just bee
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Limited edition, high-quality, archival framed cellphoneSketchpad prints on display and available for purchase at the Garden Party Show – Freeport Square Gallery – Freeport, Maine.

Can’t make it to the gallery? 
We ship!
Email us: cellphoneSketchpad@gmail.com