there ARE other options, just ask Cotton Candy Bear…

"I poked the box. Did you?"

Why accept the status quo? You can lay around on a bed all day because it feels cozy and comfortable or you can do something unexpected, maybe something you’ve always wanted to do – but never thought you could, or never thought it would be ‘accepted‘ or ‘appropriate‘ or ‘approved‘, you know, like supervising the single-sort facility at the local recycle center. That was Cotton Candy Bear’s dream. What’s yours?

Coming March 1st – the first title from the Domino Project, powered by Amazon – Seth Godin’s Poke the Box – a manifesto on taking initiative.

If Cotton Candy Bear can do it – so can you…

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the opposite of EVERYTHING
on your to do list

happy friday EVERYDAY
Isabella's Stickey Buns Cafe, Freeport, ME
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Caution: The Blueberry Pancakes WILL transport you into deliriously delicious & sensuous (foodie) bliss*. Allow at least a full half hour before re-engagement with to do lists.

* serving suggestion tip: spring for the extra buck twenty-five for the REAL maple syrup.

isabella’s sticky buns

heiferlump IRL

what makes this camel pass the Heifer International
'7 Ms of livestock' test?
Click thumbnails to view slide show. Hover/click on each slide to advance. Can’t see the thumbnails? You can thank Microsoft IE for that. Optional viewing on Picasa.

An inspired trip with Durham Maine Friends to Heifer International Learning Center at Overlook Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts.

A global organization dedicated to ending world hunger.

The 7 M’s of livestock?

© 2010 Dave Weinberg

“…and if elected tomorrow…”

final regurghetoric
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

…and some (perhaps most) of it is the same old blaaaaaaaaaaah that’s got nothing to do with you or me but rather maintains the status quo partisan politics at the tax payers expense. Just the same, it’s all we’ve got right now – and who knows? There may be some useful bits or chunks or SEEDS in there worthy of your vote. Listen. Read. Sift. Vote (even if you have to hold your nose)!

shrink and/or drink

fifty minute hour vs happy hour
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cheaper than therapy NEW cellphoneSketchpad greeting cards!

Now available for purchase online and in select stores:
>> Old Port Card Works, 3 Moulton Street Portland, Maine
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cellphoneSketchpad greeting cards. Resolves childhood conflicts.

365 cellphoneSketches later…

NEW! cellphoneSketchpad NOTE CARDS

(…and MrGnombe Illustrated note cards)

© 2010 Dave Weinberg

cellphoneSketchpad cards are here!

…well actually they’re over at Zazzle thru the mrGnombe Gnotecard Co. At Zazzle you can mix and match different cards to create you’re own specialized sets. Discounts begin at only 10 cards! launched June 28, 2009. Thank you to all who have clicked, tapped, commented and/or contributed to this blog over the past year. Your ideas and encouragement have been generous, inspiring and most appreciated!

It’s been a fun year ‘sketching’ and pushing the low-res limits of the Motorola Razr. And while I will probably break down and upgrade to an iPhone at some point this year I continue to be impressed with what that teeny tiny less-than-one-megapixel relic has been putting out.

Hope you enjoy this next venture and chapter of cellphoneSketchpad. I look forward to future collaborations and further exploring as a community-based platform for sharing art, ideas and creativity.

Thanks again for all the support!

cheers and Happy Monday!

ps A selection of cellphoneSketchpad cards are also available at Paper Moon on Main Street in Westbrook. New locations coming soon!

now open


" know self defense is all you need"
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One of my favorite album covers (not to mention a pretty cool mobile device interpretation of it) – tho definitely one of the darker cuts on the record – if not a theme song for Cymbalta (ps that’s not Robert Fripp on guitar). More on this depressive little dittyCaution: a bit overly existentialist for a monday… adjust attitude and self-esteem accordingly…

What song describes your fear? And is it really fear, or is it just ‘scratching’ the surface of something else?

good question(s)

week in review
© 2010 Dave Weinberg>

Lots of miners died – so did the Polish President and his wife; Tiger is back out on the green but people seem more interested about what happened off the green; Priests continue to be accused of what Priests get accused of; Apple’s stock is approx 150 pts higher than it was around this time last year; Some schools are paying kids to learn; and on and on…

So what does this tell you about yourself?

For me, Sunday is a reminder to pause and ask, not just “what happened?” – aka news events (filtered through media orgs) typically viewed at face value – but “what is happening?” – to me, right here, right now… How we respond and feel about news events and stories are more about us. Any story can be viewed for ‘what it is’ but do they also trigger metaphorical questions if we take the time to make these connections?

Lots of ways people do to this: houses of worship, outdoor activities, the 50 minute hour, yoga, Sunday morning news shows (although this arguably abdicates the reflection out on to the pundits) – a walk in the woods (with or without the dog), making art, being present with your kids…

So what did actually happen and what is happening?

  • What in my life has died?
  • Can I go back to something I once did despite how others may react to it? Or is it time to move on to something else?
  • What is behind the core patterns and behaviors that seem to reoccur in my life?
  • What was I doing a year ago that can be considered successful one year later?
  • What is my true compensation for learning? Is it money or something else?

News can trigger all sorts of questions if we take a moment to stop and really ask, “What Happened and What’s Happening”?

coming soon: *

a brief history of romance

© 2010 Dave (*valentine’s day, baby!) Weinberg

Teacher as Artist show ends this week at Freeport Square Gallery. Only several framed cellphoneSketchpad archival prints still available!

* Give the –-> unique <-– gift of cellphoneSketchpad for Valentine’s Day!

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We ship! Email me:

Up next: 10x10x10…