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© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Above sketches from the annual League of Young Voters ReEmergence event at SPACE Gallery last nite in Portland, Maine. More about this event, a local mashup of artists, musicians, poets, civic leadership and services providers can be found here in the Portland Phoenix. I knew cellphoneSketchpad was in the right place when the event kicked-off with Medeski, Martin, Wood and Scofield’s Little Walter Rides Again (ring tone on my cellphone).

look for sign(s)

self-defense or self-destruct?
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

If we did have a spidey sense, would this be it tingling? Or is it just some old and outdated psychic embed from when we were 7? How do you know when it’s instinct (just do it*) or rational fear (run away! run away!**)?

Two great books that deal with both of these themes, Malcom Gladwell’s Blink and Seth Godin’s Linchpin***

* via nike
** via monty python and the holy grail
*** several copies of Linchpin left, sharing at my cost ($15) email me at cellphoneSketchpad at gmail dot com

in case of complacency

reconsider the house call
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Remember when doctors made house calls? I don’t (…but I do remember seeing reruns of them playing them on TV…) but what a cool idea. You don’t feel well and somebody comes over and takes care of you – pops open his/her remedy bag o’ tricks “take two of these call (email, txt, FB, tweet, smoke signal) me in the morning”.

All better!

Can we borrow that idea from ‘simpler times’? If we have an inner child do we also have an inner MD? Can we make our own house calls and if so, is there a co-pay?


" know self defense is all you need"
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

One of my favorite album covers (not to mention a pretty cool mobile device interpretation of it) – tho definitely one of the darker cuts on the record – if not a theme song for Cymbalta (ps that’s not Robert Fripp on guitar). More on this depressive little dittyCaution: a bit overly existentialist for a monday… adjust attitude and self-esteem accordingly…

What song describes your fear? And is it really fear, or is it just ‘scratching’ the surface of something else?

good question(s)

week in review
© 2010 Dave Weinberg>

Lots of miners died – so did the Polish President and his wife; Tiger is back out on the green but people seem more interested about what happened off the green; Priests continue to be accused of what Priests get accused of; Apple’s stock is approx 150 pts higher than it was around this time last year; Some schools are paying kids to learn; and on and on…

So what does this tell you about yourself?

For me, Sunday is a reminder to pause and ask, not just “what happened?” – aka news events (filtered through media orgs) typically viewed at face value – but “what is happening?” – to me, right here, right now… How we respond and feel about news events and stories are more about us. Any story can be viewed for ‘what it is’ but do they also trigger metaphorical questions if we take the time to make these connections?

Lots of ways people do to this: houses of worship, outdoor activities, the 50 minute hour, yoga, Sunday morning news shows (although this arguably abdicates the reflection out on to the pundits) – a walk in the woods (with or without the dog), making art, being present with your kids…

So what did actually happen and what is happening?

  • What in my life has died?
  • Can I go back to something I once did despite how others may react to it? Or is it time to move on to something else?
  • What is behind the core patterns and behaviors that seem to reoccur in my life?
  • What was I doing a year ago that can be considered successful one year later?
  • What is my true compensation for learning? Is it money or something else?

News can trigger all sorts of questions if we take a moment to stop and really ask, “What Happened and What’s Happening”?

SMBME: have your fish and tweet it too!

"... hey the next SMBME looks like a good one... brand building... creating video content... but what is a 'cellphoneSketchpad'??";
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Social media has taken the old Chinese Proverb viral. Anyone can learn to fish out here. All you need are the right tools, the right teachers and the right attitude – including the willingness to #fail (which many times, IS the right teacher). Practice. Patience. Perseverance. We are often one google-click away from the answer we need – tho sometimes it’s more about baiting the hook with the right query.

SMBME brings together a talented and eclectic mix of local fishermen and women who continually cast into the global cyber-seas of the social net. While no ‘one’ recipe will be right for everyone, SMBME offers a smorgasbord of ingredients – tools, ideas, perspectives, techniques, resources – that may be useful to do the work (and/or play) that you do.

I look forward to sharing some of my own creative practices developing cellphoneSketchpad at the next SMBME on Friday, April 23. Also thrilled to be sharing the session with Jaica Kinsman of Guiding Stars and Chris Cavallari of Filmosity Productions. Jaica will present Brand-Building through Community-Centered Content. Chris will share best practices for Creating Video Content for Your Business.

Hope to see you Friday, April 23 at SMBME. (as always, breakfast provided).

donate local

before chilachiles on pre-auction display at Coffee By Design
India Street, Portland, Maine
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

cellphoneSketchpad is pixelatedly proud to be among the many talented and local artists who’ve donated pieces to the Happy Trails Big Bash and Silent Auction, Friday, April 30th, 2010 at The Portland Club. Proceeds from auction to benefit Portland Trails.