#cSp special edition:
documenting thiery (corp.)

the audience behind the audience, thievery corporation
portland pier, portland, maine
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Sketches of the pre-show (with thanks to @therichbrooks for upper balcony views…) with digital vignettes of anything except what was happening on stage. Click thumbnails below to view slideshow.

4 Replies to “#cSp special edition:
documenting thiery (corp.)”

  1. Dave,

    Great photos! So glad you could make it last night to the #thieveup, even if you got turned away from the actual concert. Actually, Cybele thought it was so loud we were probably only about 50′ from you by the end of the night.


  2. after roaming the back alleys for a bit ended up that I turned myself away – was able to find my groove from 50′ back 😉

    thanks again for the views and good spirits. fun times!

  3. Dave, good to meet you last night; I like seeing the project in progress and the final result today.

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