Hardcore Hooping (Click image for more details)
Hardcore Hooping (Click image for more details)
© 2009 Dave Weinberg

Today Deering Oaks Farmer’s Market was more than just about Brussels Sprouts. During my visit this morning in a drizzle that slowly became a steady rain, I suddenly heard my name and turned to find two actors from Portland Playback Theatre Company spinning some funky colored hoola-hoops. Not a performance per se – rather giving the hoops a test spin and getting a workout at the same time.

The hoops – sprawled out on display like its own kind of unique foliage – were crafted in Portland Maine by Designer and Funmaster, Tracy Tingley of Hardcore Hooping. Tracy also leads hooping fitness classes with a pledge to help rid yourself of ‘hoop shame’. Sure enough upon donning a hoop she had me spinning almost effortlessly until my original calling for cocktail tomatoes distracted me back to my original quest.

Tracy is the subject of a forthcoming project from salt. The clearing of hoop shame turns out to be much cheaper than psycho-therapy.

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