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Seth Godin’s latest book, Linchpin – reads like a manifesto/owner’s manual on how to stand-out during uncertain times – with a narrative that at times channels classic Kurt Vonnegut (there are even little pen & ink drawings in it, circa Breakfast of Champions…) but with a much more hopeful outcome (based on choices YOU actually get to make with your life).

Godin challenges us to believe in the possibilities, accept what is and to persevere through the all too human inner resistances that keeps us mired in self-doubt, an outdated world view and (old all too) familiar mindsets.

anyways here’s the deal:
Linchpin lists for $25. I paid $15 each and will gladly pass that savings on to anyone who is interested (you know, while supplies last… void where prohibited… and all that marketing blah blah…). Email me at: cellphoneSketchpad@gmail.com if you’d like a copy (free delivery to RiRa Tweetup attendees this Wednesday 😉 you can also get a copy for about the same price directly from Amazon.

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