#cellphoneSketchpad: the ‘No Idling’ eBook cover collaboration with @worldmegan for @projectdomino

The Domino Project Street team sources, creates, produces and publishes, 'No Idling' in less than 2 weeks!
© 2011 Dave Weinberg

Thrilled to collaborate with fellow linchpin Domino Project Street Team members to produce ‘No Idling: 30 stories inspired by Do the Work‘. Also download Do the Work – free for the Kindle (apps available for non-kindle devices) until May 20.

The cellphoneSketch, NO IDLING was captured upon descent from the High-Line in NYC back in February, 2011. It seemed like the perfect image and message for an eBook based on Steven Pressfield’s recent – Do the Work.

Why? It expands on the theme of Pressfield’s work. The act of idling is what most of us are doing when we encounter resistance. We’re ON, there’s somebody home but we’re not moving. NO IDLING is a call to action and assertion to keep moving. 

Why this image?

    1. Brick wall is a metaphor for blockage or being stopped dead in your tracks. It’s an obstacle. The sign is a challenge, an appeal and call to action to find a way to move through it.

    2. The sign says ‘NO IDLING’ but at first glance it reads as ‘IDLING’. The ‘shadow’ covers the word ‘NO’ and isn’t it our shadow selves that can undermine our otherwise productive behavior?

    3. The shadow cast is a particular moment in time. Had this image been taken 5 minutes before or after it would have had a completely different meaning. Resistance works like this too. It is fluid (or shadowy…). Not always there but seems to show up at critical moments in time that may prevent us from doing the work.

    4. These stories are from real people who have and/or are struggling with and recognizing their shadow selves – seeing through the shadow to the ‘real’ message beneath and ultimately persevering and DOing the Work.

I also like the symbolism of capturing it (or it capturing me…) coming off the ‘High’ line – an incredible architectural, artistic, public, tribal project in and of itself.

The best part however, was collaborating with fabulous illustrator, Megan Elizabeth Morris who turned the shadowy NO into the people who do the work of YES!

original cellphoneSketch

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  1. Thanks for sharing the background and idea behind the cover of “No Idling” and also for being so generous is letting us all run with your cellphoneSketch. Readers are in love with the design already.

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