how to flinch forward

flinch - quicker than 20 years of therapy
flinch - quicker than 20 years of therapy
© 2011 Dave Weinberg

If you read only one more book this year, PLEASE make it this one:


On the other hand… 10 reasons NOT to read this, asap, including rescheduling your day around reading it to make the remaining part of your day better:

  1. It’s free so it can’t be any good.
  2. It will take you a whole half hour to read, 45 minutes, tops – but who really has that kind of time??
  3. You can download it in 5 seconds to whatever device you have your kindle app on so it’s too damn convenient (also see #1).
  4. You may all ready be familiar with the author, Julien Smith (co-author of Trust Agents), what’s the chance he has anything left to say?
  5. You may all ready be familiar with ideas and (self) challenges presented by Seth Godin and The Domino Project and maybe you’re ‘all set with that…’.
  6. You prefer paying for a therapist every week.
  7. It WILL challenge you to do your work (and other stuff) with deeper insight – about… YOU! (and that can stir up all kinds of nasty scary stuff and really who wants to go there when there’s so much great television??).
  8. It has 5 homework assignments including one that makes you take a very cold shower.
  9. It might make you uncomfortable about changes you need to make.
  10. It uses a boxing metaphor.

Bonus reason not to read Flinch

11. It has, perhaps, the most refreshing guarantee (disclaimer??) at the end of a book:

At this point in most books, the authors promise you that if you do what they say, you’re sure to succeed
In this case, you’re sure to fail. To be rejected. To discover wrong paths. To see what humiliation is like, firsthand.
You’re sure to live.
An then yes, maybe, you might reach your goals.
Would you have it any other way?

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