how to go this way and that way in 2012

choose your vehicle(s)
choose your vehicle(s)
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cellphoneSketchpad began kinda randomly in 2007 while exploring the social photo sharing features on Facebook. The early cellphone ‘sketches’ were captured using a Motorola Razr (a.k.a., my dumbPhone) – max image resolution, less than 1MP! (640 x 480 at 72 pixels per inch).

An avid ‘little black sketchbook’ artist since before college, I had not done much with photography since. I became fascinated with the immediate accessibility of the cellphone camera vs the necessary intention required to use SLR + gear. Since the phone was always with me, it became more of an extension to my pen, ink, sketchpad toolset – less about formal photography; more about capturing ideas quickly in real-time. Sometimes these cellphone’sketches’ lent themselves to more finished work but much of the time they are what they are.

This blog was launched on June 28, 2009 with a commitment to publish at least once daily. Posts always combine words and image(s) with lots of room to play, to explore and — wait for it… to #fail! There is a freedom in sketching that tends to keep things loose and fun vs all of those ‘serious’ assignments that can tighten us up because they ‘matter’ so much or require ‘approval’ by committee. A sketch doesn’t have to work – in fact, mistakes often lead to discoveries that may not have happened otherwise.

cellphoneSketchpad continues to evolve, as a daily blog; can be seen in galleries; has been used in college and K-12 curricula; on limited edition pigment dyed prints, greeting cards and pillows. The web site is now open for submissions. Got a cellphoneSketch you’d like to share? Send it in! Leave comments here or on Facebook. Either way, thanks for stopping by. Best to you in 2012 – in whatever ‘vehicles’ you choose for your journeys.

Happy New Year!

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