how to not be fenced out in ONLY 18 days
…give or take

egypt: the next generation
© 2011 Dave Weinberg

Yesterday’s events in Egypt seem symbolic on at least two levels:

    1. The child standing up to the parent (despite the fear) and asserting her/his place in the world.

    2. The ongoing challenge of print-based daily news media as a vehicle for communicating real time events.

Had a conversation with a gentleman last evening who had only seen newspaper headlines during the day – remaining distraught and concerned over Mubarak’s fiery rhetoric and refusal to step down.

Ancient news to anyone with an internet connection or smart phone.

Projects like The Domino Project are looking at and doing things to address this today with regards to the spreading of ideas in books! Twitter and Facebook have become the digital ticker-tape of this generation. How might the Domino Project model also translate to newspapers, magazines and daily media?

Projects like Flipboard continue to explore a hybrid model bridging context, the random real-time feeds of social media, and the personal preferences of how individuals wish to consume media.

During this time of unprecedented, economic, cultural and generational change we all have our metaphorical Mubaraks and fears. What strikes me is the symbolic 18 days of exhaustively hard work and connection (across class and cultural divides) to achieving a greater, even if uncertain, common goal.

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…give or take”

  1. Dave, I love your bringing in the psychology of the child standing up to the parent and being assertive, despite the fear. Egypt just grew up. Let’s hope publishing does, too.

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