how to post 1 picture an hour for 24 hours

he's just so into her
he’s just so into her
© 2015 Dave Weinberg

At about 2 minutes till midnight on Friday, March 20, I decided to opt-in to the 24 Hour Project – a documentary street photography project that challenged shooters to post one picture of their city on Instagram each hour for 24 hours beginning at 12 midnight, March 21, Eastern Standard Time.

Now, Freeport, Maine is more of a town than a city and while I hadn’t a clue whether I’d actually complete the challenge, I figured that if I could get through the first 5 or 6 posts in between short naps, I might have a shot (no pun intended) at it. I posted the first image at 11 minutes into Saturday, March 21; the last at 11:09pm.
In between, an interesting, if not surreal day, viewing my locale in different ways and at times that I would not ordinarily be passing through.

While presented as a project centered around street photography, the web site highlighted the ‘human condition’ as the theme for 2015, noting that “…as human beings we all go through positive and negative aspects of existence. Think of the universal emotions of humor, love, sadness, joy, fulfillment, pain, loneliness…” with an invitation to capture these emotions in one’s photos.

I chose to shoot everything using the Hipstamatic app with a different Shake to Randomize, film, lens, flash combo, for each image. And as always, given the ‘sketch’ nature of this web site – I gave myself the freedom to play around the edges of ‘street’, the sub-theme and the need for speed naps!

In total, I shot 566 images in 24 hours. The final selects can be seen here.

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