how to show radio

club 86 of lewsiton, at SPACE gallery, "...from away"
club 86 of lewsiton, at SPACE gallery, "...from away"
© 2012 Dave Weinberg

Live reading of the pilot episode of Club 86… or what happens when you juxtapose a community of post-industrial mill town Maine that has seen better (if not corporately exploited) days – with an influx of ‘cultural creatives’ striving to create – better days.


The show featured live jazz interludes from the Club 86 ensemble, lead by Jesse Lynch, guest ‘open miker’ poet, Gil Helmick and special guest, Charlie Neville who apparently had some kinda thing back in the day with the fictionally beloved Club 86 bartender. The show was written by Mike Langworthy and co-conceived with Gil Helmick. Mike also stars as the managerially challenged, Club 86 manager.

For those who appreciate Prairie Home Companion but prefer their coffee black with a dash of SNL (the first 3 seasons), this sharply written, character rich, satiric world sounds (and shows) like a fun place to hang out. Here’s hoping to find this on NPR’s airwaves or streamwaves or podcasts, sometime soon.

pete. as seen on radio.
'pete'. as seen on radio.

4 Replies to “how to show radio”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Dave! It was great to see you and your lovely child.


  2. Mike – huge congrats to you and the crew! Having read the first draft awhile back – it was SO cool to see (and hear) it happening live!! And as it turns out, the lovely child recently did a term paper on the ‘displacement of the Acadians’ and definitely appreciated the history segment in the beginning. Truly great stuff, man!

  3. Hey Dave,
    Love your cast caricatures which are right on!
    Do have take exception to the person you identified
    as the mysterious “Pete” however. The real Pete was
    carefully concealed offstage and the guy you photographed
    was just an “extra” planted to protect the real Sneaky Pete’s
    secret identity ……

  4. exactly! everyone knows that the real “Pete” would never agree to be seen on the radio – glad you like the drawings… who ever you are… 😉

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