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Amber Rae‘s cellphoneSketch message cuts to a fundamental question just beneath the surface of Wieden+Kennedy‘s 1988 iconic and ubiquitous Nike assertion to Just Do It.

Just do what?

We all have too much To Do. To Do Lists. To Do Lists OF To Do Lists! How do you figure out what’s most important to GO and DO?

Amber helps answer this question, thru her simple three step filter.

HELL YES? YES? Go do. MAYBE? Don’t do. Simple.

No more getting caught on ‘MAYBE’ – no more second guessing… debating…

“…wait was that my heart, head or gut talking???”
“…but what would so and so think?”
“…I really should ask my therapist…”

Because in fact – what you know, right now is that it’s just ‘MAYBE’. What else do you know? What’s ‘HELL YES’ & ‘YES’.

So what if you get all Nancy Reagan on ‘MAYBES’ ass and just say NO?You might end up with much more time for ‘HELL YES’ and ‘YES’.

And who knows? Some of those ‘MAYBES’ may even turn into ‘HELL YES’ & ‘YES’ at some point (but don’t spend time thinking about that either…)

Some things you KNOW. GO DO those things.
‘MAYBE’ means NO.

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