woolen scallopini leftovers

upscale packaging for your leftover seafood
© 2010 Acadia D. (sketch); Dave Weinberg (skribe)

In the emerging new economy anything goes. The internet makes it easier than ever to bring any idea you have to market. And clearly what the restaurant market now craves is an upscale upgrade to the conventional containers used for customer’s unfinished meals.

“The Doggie Bag, is just so 20th century…” notes a patron of a popular Boothbay Harbor, Maine seafood restaurant. “My husband just had his leftovers scooped into an authentic Peruvian designer Alpaca Poncho. The spongy Huacaya fiber naturally repels water- and it’s ‘crimpy’ so the sauce does not leak all over the seat and stink up the Jaguar on the way home. And of course, it is totally luxurious!!!”

Owners of the restaurant could not be reached for comment.

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