smilingly afloat

very merry ferry
© 2010 Dave Weinberg

Special thanks to @brentdanley for organizing Photography Meetup to Chebeague Island on Saturday. Met some great people with impressively long zoom lenses and other gear.

Click on thumbnails below to see slide show (slides advance forward and backward manually by hovering/clicking on either side of image).

4 Replies to “smilingly afloat”

  1. Great image(s)! Delightfully Children’s book-ish. These images are inspiring, but spill Dave , not all cell phone shots, or did the MP in the phone get a transplant?

  2. all motorola razr ‘sketches’ – less than 1mp. minor photoshop levels and sat. adjustments. lots of real sunlight on big bright beautiful day!

    ps love the children’s book idea!

  3. Smashing job all around and a fun day trip! Wish I could comment on the individual photos, because I loved the one of the intercom with the paint corroded from it. Totally missed those details even though we were on the same boat!

  4. thanks. I like the face that forms in the corrosion with the screws as eyes. nothing like the low-res limitations to get one looking at details close-up.

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