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The 2010 AIGA Leadership Retreat #aigaretreat was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee from June 6 – 8. This year’s theme – ‘Engage’ is arguably the best word to encapsulate and expand upon – the role that design plays in society at this time. AIGA, the professional association for design is a 20K+ member organization comprised of 65 chapters nationwide. The Annual Retreat is an opportunity for chapter leadership to ‘engage’ with one another to carry forward AIGA’s mission – advancing design as a strategic tool, professional craft and vital cultural force.

Learn more about AIGA and its many initiatives – from sustainability, through the living principles to tips for surviving and excelling as an in-HOWse designer. An invaluable resource of tools and networking for Creatives; an essential resource for business professionals who hire or partner with Creatives.

AIGA, the professional association for design. An emerging global movement. Demonstrating the value that design brings to business and culture.

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