there ARE other options, just ask Cotton Candy Bear…

"I poked the box. Did you?"

Why accept the status quo? You can lay around on a bed all day because it feels cozy and comfortable or you can do something unexpected, maybe something you’ve always wanted to do – but never thought you could, or never thought it would be ‘accepted‘ or ‘appropriate‘ or ‘approved‘, you know, like supervising the single-sort facility at the local recycle center. That was Cotton Candy Bear’s dream. What’s yours?

Coming March 1st – the first title from the Domino Project, powered by Amazon – Seth Godin’s Poke the Box – a manifesto on taking initiative.

If Cotton Candy Bear can do it – so can you…

© Dave Weinberg

One Reply to “there ARE other options, just ask Cotton Candy Bear…”

  1. Instead of seeking others’ approval, claim the affirmation that’s already yours.

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