tricked or treated

last candidate standing
© 2010 Acadia D. (sketch); Dave Weinberg (skribe)

Please VOTE this Tuesday. And maybe take a risk to base it not on fear, not on polarized party affiliation, but on the issues and ideas that matter most. It may still be ‘the economy, stupid‘ but also consider that it may be ‘the relationship, genius!’ – our relationship to one another and ourselves.

Perhaps if we asked more questions about our own true values and what shaped them (particularly some of those more painful value-shaping moments) and stopped listening to 24 hour fear-mongering news channels (as posited at yesterday’s rally to restore sanity) we might get in touch with something new.

I mean in the end, why DO we do what we do? Do we even know or are we just on auto-pilot most of the time cause we’re too friggin’ busy to stop and ask some important questions? And if so, why is that?

“If you will accept the conditions as what you’re aiming at then the rest of this applies to you — otherwise not.”

-J.G. Bennett (1897-1974)

note: product placement in this sketch intentionally unintentional.

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