The original Macintosh launched the ‘desktop’ publishing revolution in the 1980’s. The second decade of the 21st century is all about screens, apps, and an internet connection. Laptops, tablets, smartPhones and other devices – give way to the ‘mobile’ cross-media publishing evolution.

Today publishing can be as simple as typing 140 characters or less into any number of devices, tapping ‘submit’ with your finger and BAM (click)— you’re LIVE!

Students from my Desktop Cross-Media Publishing + Design course at University of Southern Maine, explored both desktop and cross-media publishing techniques for their final project. The assignment? Using your cellphone camera, choose a subject and tell a story, primarily using the visuals captured on your phone.

Students sourced, produced and published their content in print and on the web. Studio techniques using Adobe Creative Suite enabled students to retouch images, compose layouts and generate final files. Student’s cellphoneSketches were produced as greeting cards and posters; the web aspect, published right here on cellphoneSketchpad (scroll down).

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Patrick’s House Plants

Pepperoni Watermelon

© 2011 Patrick Moulton



Springtime in Maine

Signs of Spring in Maine
© 2011 Steve Cossaboom


Rainy Day Stroll

A big world that seems so small

© 2011 Jon-Michael Tabone


Pieces of Home

A rock wall behind my parents house


© 2011 Samantha Pomelow



A Day with the Dark Knight

I know who I am going to call.

© 2011 Adam Fahey

Adventures in the Woods

A walk in the woods

© 2011 Peter Eckstein

Baxter Woods Park

The white ash at sunset

© 2011 Joshua Cole


Musicians for Life

Trey and Mike from Phish

Music Icons

© 2011 Nick Smith


Shopping Shaws



© 2011 MarkoMandic


Safety First


© 2011 Gouled Hassan



Where do you find your strength?

©Jeri Basko


A Collection of Words

Where is my Mind?

4x4 Words

© 2011 Sean Laurence Rothgaber


Classic Downtown Signs

Classic Downtown Signs
Classic Downtown Signs


© 2011 Daniel Bailey


Easter Car Repaint

someone is happy with his repaint
© 2011 John Freeman


© 2011 John Freeman


A day in the life, on a Wednesday

Forgot hand lotion


© 2011 Tynan Nida


Dorm Life: It's Delicious!!!

© 2011 Everett Houghton


Some of the goals of this University of Southern Maine course, Desktop Publishing & Design, ITT343-2011 were to explore, analyze and practice publishing across media. The practice included comprehensive learnings and workflow across Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, critiquing cross-media marketing campaigns currently in-market, a field trip to Maine Today Media’s commercial printing facility, a guest lecture showcasing a real-world design challenge, and finally – pulling it all together in the final project – sourcing content (via cellphone) and designing/producing/publishing across media.